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Welcome to our Help Centre.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below and find a solution to your question.

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  • Can you make existing gates Electric?
    Yes, specialises in building bespoke quotations to retro fit onto existing gates. The best method for this is to use our easy quote form below or use our photo uploader & send us a photo of your gate. Our electric gate experts will then send you a complete electric gate kit quotation to your exact gate specifications.
  • Can electric gates be opened manually?
    Yes, every electric gate kit that we supply comes with manual release mechanisms as standard. We also supply battery backup kits to open the gate in the event of a power cut.
  • Do Electric gates add value to a property?
    After recent research, the estimated average value added to a property after installing electric gates is around 4%-5%. This is due to that electric gates re-assure buyers that the property is safe and private.
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